Who is “us”?

Site creator:

  • I am a white woman who identifies as a feminist and as a lesbian.
  • I have lived my entire life in Australia.
  • I am in my 60’s.
  • I have no formal music training.
  • Much of my life has been spent as an educator.

Pages contributed:

Why this selection of singers?

My personal experiences; who I have listened to; how it has made me feel. This is my primary criterion.
My selection is heavily influenced by the fact that I have been listening to music since 1960s.
The selection reflects my social justice politics.
Fame and quantity of output are not criteria. Singers may or not have received popular acclaim. Singers may have an extensive repertoire or may have produced a one off song of particular interest.

A number of women I know have been generous enough to share their experiences also.

Guest contributors:

Deb contributed the Loretta Lynn page.
Nicole contributed the Patti Smith page.