Peggy Seeger in concert

Why is she/are they included here?

As a long time folkie, I have known the Seeger name almost forever. But most people only attach it to Pete, and not to Peggy. Her song, about a little girl wanting to be an engineer, played over and over again on my turntable  and on my tapedeck (if you don’t know what those things are, ask an old person).

UnFun Fact: A biography of Peggy that is found at several sites on the net starts like this- “The half-sister of Pete Seeger and the widow of Ewan MacColl”. Even though she has had a career of her own for over 6 decades, some still characterize her by her relationship to male singers.

Active period:

1955 – present

My favourites:

Gonna Be An Engineer, Little Girl Child, Reclaim the Night, Moving On Song


It’s the assumption that the only way to solve anything is with wars and violence. Sometimes it does seem there’s just a whole stack of rampaging men who just love getting out there and battling. How do you deal with that? I’m frightened a lot of the time. The world is in danger.

Frequent collaborators:

Ewan McColl, Mike Seeger, Frankie Armstrong

Song writing:

She writes her own songs and co-writes as well.

Other performance skills:

Plays guitar, autoharp, banjo, piano, concertina, dulcimer


When I was a little girl, I wished I was a boy,
I tagged along behind the gang and wore my corduroys,
Everybody said I only did it to annoy
But I was gonna be an engineer.
Momma told me, ‘Can’t you be a lady?
Your duty is to make me the mother of a pearl.
Wait until you’re older, dear, and maybe
You’ll be glad that you’re a girl.’

Gonna Be An Engineer, 1972

When exploitation is the norm
Rape is found in many forms
Lower wages, meaner tasks
Poorer schooling, second class
We serve our own, and, like the men
We serve employers — it follows then
That bodies raped is nothing new
But just a servant’s final due

Reclaim The Night, 1979

How to listen to/purchase their stuff:

Peggy Seeger sells her music through her own website. She also has an extensive, although not exhaustive range of her music available through her bandcamp page

Other accomplishments:

  • She contributed an essay to the anthology Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World
  • Peggy made videos in support of President Obama and published them on YouTube.

Gallery of moments: