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Unless you are Australian, you may not know who Judy Small is. Judy Small is a legend to many, many Australian feminists. Her singing and song writing has delighted, challenged and inspired us for decades. Judy is no longer active as a performing musician but she has given us over 100 songs in over 30 years of laughter, enjoyment and enlightenment.

FunFact: A friend of mine used to do  the gardening at Judy’s Melbourne house.

Active period:

1980s, 1990s, 2000s

My favourites:

A Song for the Roly Poly People, You Don’t Speak For Me, Bridget Evans


…if audiences come away thinking about issues, then that is a worthwhile performance, but only if they come away feeling as though they’ve had a really good night out is it a successful performance.

Frequent collaborators:


Song writing:

Writes her own music and lyrics.

Samples of lyrics:

You who posion the airwaves with your Genghis Khan views,
you broadcast your bios and call it the news
you say that you speak for the millions out there
and deny that you’re lighting a dangerous fuse
you don’t speak for me.

You don’t speak for me, 1991

And Bridget’s left her husband and her kids at home in Wales
And she hears what people say of her, that she’s gone off the rails
And she says that men have left their wives and marched off to their wars
And how can her fight for humankind be any lesser cause?

Bridget Evans, 1983

Other accomplishments:

  • Judy Small is a judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia
  • In 1995, Judy was invited to Beijing for the United Nations Women’s Conference NGO Forum.

How to listen to/purchase their stuff legally:

Her music is  available digitally through iTunes, Amazon and emusic

Gallery of moments: