Why does this exist?

  • To promote social justice.
  • To explore how music can help us to initiate/maintain actions for social justice.
  • Because these women musicians should be celebrated for their achievements, not be defined by their relationship to men in their lives and should never be forgotten.

Why women?

I shouldn’t have to answer this. But for the few who just have to ask – because it is my site and I am a left-leaning lesbian feminist who wants to discuss, rejoice in and celebrate women. In this field, as in most, women are not given the same recognition as men who are their peers. Just like the unequal pay situation, women receive less attention, less acclaim and are not taken as seriously.
What can you learn from the following article for example?
These Are the 13 Best Protest Artists of Our Generation – https://mic.com/articles/106494/these-are-13-best-protest-artists-of-our-generation#.AjPHrHd8f

Contact the site creator

If you want to argue against the above statements, take it up with someone who is prepared to argue with you. That person is not me.
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